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Complex Family History Research

Archives Alive undertakes research on complex genealogy projects. If you want to go beyond basic 19th century family history we can bring our expert knowledge of archive sources to your project.

We understand historic records for Manors, Quarter Sessions, Local Authority, Parish, Diocese, Poor Law, Probate, Estates, Tax and Government records from the medieval period onwards.

Whether you want to trace your English roots, prove your Coat of Arms, climb past a genealogical brick wall or just know what makes you, You, then Archives Alive may be able to help.

Case study: Coming (or going) to America!

Windisch Graetz Family Tree

Family Tree of H.H Prince M. Hugo Windisch-Graetz of Austria
Image licenced by Wikimedia Commons

"I contacted Archives Alive in 2015 through a referral. In my fourth decade of genealogical research, I knew it was time to find a research partner with complementary skills and targeted knowledge to help me break through long-standing brick walls that have stood for hundreds of years.

I'm thrilled to report those walls have come "a tumbling down." Nicola's deep knowledge of English archives and sources identified records mostly unknown and untapped by generations of experienced American genealogists.

If you are a serious genealogical researcher and realize everything is not available online, then you cannot do better than Archives Alive. They have my highest recommendation. But you'll need to stand in line behind me, because I'm not yet finished!"

Bill Cole, The Passionate Genealogist and Family Historian

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